Hear why these seniors chose to call our community home.

Residents in independent living at Covenant Living of Northbrook have a lot to share on why our community was the choice for them. From our caring staff, to our amenity-filled campus, our community has the services, resources, and lifestyle to meet your or your loved one’s needs and wants.

Resident Gayle Bradley Johnson

“Four years ago I moved from the north woods of Wisconsin to Covenant Living of Northbrook. There were several important reasons for making this move. I was lonely. My husband had passed away five years earlier which left me living alone for the first time in my life. I had sole responsibility for the care of a three-bedroom house, inside and out. I lived in a rural area where neighbors were not close by. Also, the long winters, with snow and ice from October until May, were dreary and harsh. I did not feel completely safe up north. I needed to be around more people.

Now I have a two-bedroom apartment and am surrounded by many lovely and friendly people. I was allowed to bring my dog who keeps me company and gets lots of attention at Covenant Living. I use my second bedroom as my art studio and have met an encouraging group of fellow artists.

I feel secure here. The administration puts safety and concern for residents first. Security staff are on campus twenty-four hours every day of the year. The winters are not as lengthy or freezing cold. I am grateful for a first-rate hospital three minutes away that provides excellent care when I need it. This was an excellent move!”

Resident Ruth Ferris, reflecting on the community during the COVID-19 pandemic

“…..and other jobs as assigned by supervisor!” These 7 little words are often the last line on job descriptions. Our staff is now living these words. They are checking cars (and the temperatures of the people in the cars) as they arrive on campus. They are delivering packages and checking up on every single resident. Instead of waiting on tables, staff are packaging up and delivering meals to over 300 residents.

Yes, we residents are quarantined, but TV is a wonderful thing. We “exercise” [remotely] with Jennifer 2 times a day, we keep informed by watching our executive directors, and we “go” to chapel. We get our mail, we check out our well-stocked little store (only 2 at a time!), and many walk the halls. On nice days, residents walk outside and enjoy watching the swans in our pond.

Keeping social distancing is not easy for our warm and caring community. Our mutual feeling is gratitude, knowing that we could be in our homes, isolated and having to figure out how to manage on our own. But we are here, at Covenant Living of Northbrook, receiving support and comfort every day from our competent and caring staff, staff who are performing…other jobs as assigned by supervisor!

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